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SOLD-1751 S Orange Ave

Sometimes you paper a deal and sometimes you just shake hands!

Almost ten years ago, we purchased out of foreclosure Kirkpatrick Veterinary clinic. Upon the purchase, we always told the tenant they could eventually purchase the building back from us. A few years down the road, TD Bank, wanted Vision Development to develop the site for them. The Vet agreed to move into another property we owned 1/4 mile down the road (former imaging center). We agreed to sell them (the vet) the site at cost- no profit – if they moved so we could develop and eventually sell the TD bank site. We never signed a lease. Never signed anything – we shook hands and agreed to help make the new building their new home. TODAY they are the new owners of the building which proudly displays the name SoDo Veterinary clinic in the heart of South Downtown. Sometimes leases and contracts can get in the way of good, honest business. All this deal, almost ten years in the making, needed was a handshake. Congratulation to Dr. Patino and his family – the business and building is once again under Patino ownership!

Learn more about the property: 1751 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL

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